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Philippines Food ADOBO

Adobo is the Spanish word for seasoning or marinade.

The noun form is used to describe the actual marinade or seasoning mix, and the term used for a meat which has been marinated or seasoned with an adobo is referred to having been adobada.

adobo is the most popular Philippine food in the country.

Typically made from pork or chicken or both sautted in garlic soysauce, bayleaf and peppercorns and vinegar which keeps adobo last longer, it is done when the meat is tender . Chicken adobo is very popular these days for health reasons.

Other ingredients such as squid, beef, lamb, game fowl like quail and snipe, catfish, okra, eggplant, string beans, and water spinach (kangkong) are also made into adobo, using a variety of recipes.

Squid adobo (adobong pusit), for instance, is quite different. While most adobos have a brownish sauce, squid adobo, due to its ink, has a deep, purplish-black sauce.

Chicken Adobo
<Chicken Adobo>

Sometimes we can put coconut milk to adobo make the sauce creamy pastel color and thickness.

Others put anise or rice wine, sugar and pinepple juice to add sweet flavor. adobo also taste good when chili is added.