Philippines Food!! Why don't you try Philippines foods?! It is so nice taste!!

Achara - Philippines Food

Achara, or atsara, means pickled green papaya.

Achara is a traditional Philippine food which is a pickle relish.
The green papaya is shredded and the following ingredients are needed: Carrots, ginger, onions and bell peppers are added to the papaya to turn it into achara.

The pickling solution–a mixture of vinegar, sugar and salt–preserves the papaya and the vegetables. In air-tight jars, achara will keep even without refrigeration.

After the jar has been opened, however, it is best to refrigerate . I love achars which has been days old . The taste is great and appetizing.


I love enough achara for a meal. Pork barbeque and achara is one of the best food partner . Achara is a bect accompaniments for grilled meat or fish since the tatse of it is sweet and sour.

I love achara!!!