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Lumpia Prito or Fried Lumpia

Lumpia Prito is a traditional Philippine food as an appetizer served in parties. But it has become a Philippine side or meat dish
Lumpia Prito literally means fried spring roll.

It consists of a briskly fried lumpia wrapper filled with bean sprouts and various other vegetables such as diced carrots.

Ground meat or seafood may also be added.

Though it is the least expensive of the variants, the preparation--the cutting of vegetables and meats into appropriately small pieces and subsequent pre-cooking--may prove taxing and labor-intensive.

Lumpia Prito
<Lumpia Prito>

This variant may come in sizes as little as that of Lumpiang Shanghai or as big as that of Lumpiang Sariwa. Lumpia is usually eaten with vinegar and chili peppers, or a soy sauce-and-calamansi juice mixture known as toyo-mansi.

You must try Lumpia Prito when you go to some Philippine restaurants. Lumpia absolutely satisfy your cravings.