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Laing Philippines Food

Bicolanos are famous for being chili ( sili )lovers. Almost Bicolano foods are hot and spicy.
One of my favorite is laing.

Laing is a favorite Philippine food from Bicol, fiery hot and absolutely delicious though it can an acquired taste to the Western palate.

Laing is one of all time favourite Bicol dish. Be sure to use thick coconut milk, the light version will not work at all.

If you ever try to visit the Bicol Region, it is here where you will find a wide variety of "Laing," or "Gulay na Natong" in the bicol dialect, a classic bicolano dish.

The secret of being able to cook the best laing is the coconut oil and bits of minced meat, daing, tinapa, shrimps, anchovy paste or bagoong na isda.


Aside from the dried gabi leaves which is shredded thinly or dependng upon the choice of the one who will have the meal, the young stalks are also cut into an inch long, and placed over the laing after the thin coconut milk or "gata" has boiled.

It should be noted that in cooking laing, constant stirring should be minimized so the leaves would not create a stinging or tingling taste. And lastly, the chili which add the laing an exquisite flavor.