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Sinigang - Philippines Food

Sinigang is a popular Philippine food.
The main ingredient of sinigang can be pork,fish ,prawn shrimp, chicken or beef.

Sinigang's characteristic taste is attributed to the ingredient that gives its sour taste, not to the meat's flavor.

Pork sinigang, the most common variety, is usually prepared with tamarind (which provides the sourness), tomato, leek, taro and onion. Other vegetables cooked in sinigang may include okra, spinach, radish, green pepper and string beans.

Another variety is prepared with guava and is less sour than those with tamarind. Raw mango, calamansi and kamias can also be utilized. However, vinegar is not used for making sinigang sour.

Powdered soup base or bouillon cubes for sinigang are also used in place of natural fruits.

<Sinigang Baboy (pork sinigang)>

Chicken sinigang is called sinampalukan (from sampalok, Filipino for tamarind). Sinampalukan is made with shredded tamarind leaves, ginger, onions, and tomatoes.

Sinampalukan is sometimes prepared to be a little spicier than the other sinigang dishes.

Instead of sampalok fruit (tamarind), you can substitute it with any commercial souring seasoning like Knorr sampalok seasoning or tamarind bouillon cubes for this pork sinigang recipe.